Kodak PIXPRO SP360 panoramic extreme sports camera
Kodak 360-degree panoramic PIXPRO SP360 extreme sports camera, compact cube compact design, the camera top has a domed 360 degree panoramic camera, internal 16 million pixel sensor, five different shooting modes, record 1080P HD video. Extreme sports camera PIXPRO SP360 supports two meters shockproof, dustproof and... 
HP Sprout 3D scanner projector all in one
HP Sprout new 3D scanner projectors equip with dual screens, high-resolution cameras at top and projectors, powerful scanners and efficient sensor will for users to achieve flexible, realistic 3D image manipulation.        Read More →
Microsoft Band smart bracelet
Many manufacturers seize the wearable device market, Microsoft quietly released the Microsoft Band smart bracelet, entered the field of wearable. Based on Microsoft health software with basic timing functions, but also provides 24-hour heart rate monitors, GPS ranging, UV intensity test, pedometer, calories burned... 
Urbio Magnetic Modular Wall Shelves
Living in the city, small room space, there is not much space for plants, Jarred Aller and Beau Olyer did not complain, came up with the best solution Vertical garden city concept, their new brand Urbio. Urbio provided magnet container, so you can plant your favorite on the walls of various size and shape, each container... 
Killspencer Camera Bags
Los Angeles fashion brand Killspencer brand-name products is the backpacks and briefcases, recently launched a new camera bag series, retro leather bag with scratch-resistant handle, specially lens pouch, and put the memory card accessory box, you can freely mix and match, customized according to customer demand.  Read More →
Samsung Diesel Black Gold Smartwatch
Combination of fashion and technology, although we are looking forward to Apple iWatch, but we also have other options. Samsung with Diesel Black Gold to launch an exclusive Samsung Gear S smartwatch, to New Wave rock star and country rock singer inspired, signature leather and metal combinations of different styles!   via  ... 
Best Buy Releases Line of Designer Tech Cases
Best Buy and three star fashion designer to launch mobile phone protective cover, including Nanette Lepore printing, Issac Mizrahi’s POP bright light style, Anna Sui sweet retro printing. iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy or 13-inch laptop can find suitable protective sleeve!   via  architecturaldigest.com      Read More →
Vertu Aster smartphones
British luxury mobile phone brand Vertu Aster latest smart phones, equip with 4.7-inch 1080p display, 5.1-inch 117 grams of sapphire screen, 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor, 13MP / 2.1MP camera, 64GB of memory. Consistent of Vertu luxury style, titanium shell, snake and ostrich different luxury fabrics, Vertu... 
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