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Windows 7 Starter Edition lowest price 45 U.S. dollars

Disclosed in accordance with the latest Microsoft OEM price information, the price of Windows 7 Starter Edition is 45-55 U.S. dollars, Windows 7 Starter Although cheaper version, but still there is no advantage in terms of price.

According to Microsoft, Windows 7 Starter version of a major burden for two purposes, first of all, it provides users with a low-cost solution, other than the market price of Windows 7 to be low. Secondly, provide to original equipment manufacturers (OEM channels), more reasonable price version of Windows 7.

OEM manufacturers said, in fact, OEM prices are too expensive, although this price is lower than the other version of Windows 7, but XP on Netbook authorized only 15 U.S. dollars. If compare to xp, Widnows 7 Starter and uneconomical.



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  • Lowest Price Windows 7

    These special deals are a typical Microsoft strategy. They will offer an incredible deal for a short time, usually on selected items (Notice there is no deal on Window 7 Ultimate upgrade). This quickly builds a customer base and creates a buzz. I remember a couple of years ago I bought the Microsoft Zune 30GB for $99. They were only offering the brown color, but for $99 I really did’nt care about color. If you are at all interested in Windows 7, you should pick it up before the sale ends on July 11th

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